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“Voice services” is not only the more traditional way of communicating with your customers in real-time but has also evolved to include “voice call automation,” which can exponentially improve the efficiency of your call center operations. An automated phone system promotes self-service for a seamless inquiry for your customer and can reduce demand for agent resources. Additionally, interactive voice response (IVR) deflection allows callers to transfer out of the call queue and into a messaging engagement.

OutPLEX employs a consultative approach to tailor best practices to exceed expectations for our partners and their customers. Not sure which route to go? Let’s discuss which solutions may suit your brand best.

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How Voice CX Services Support Your Business

Our voice services include a broad range of automation, artificial intelligence, and human talent to provide your customers with a sleeker, more efficient experience. We can assess your current CX services and determine the right combination of services to help you to:

  • Outmaneuver competitors
  • Meet KPIs
  • Keep customers loyal and satisfied
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Expand your core business
  • Reduce spending on CX
  • Better understand your customers’ needs

As a business, you are not just offering a product or service; you are offering a great customer experience. As our clients will confirm, we not only provide pioneering CXaaS, we also provide value-added services that keep their back offices operating at maximum efficiency, allowing them to grow without sacrificing quality.

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    Call Center Services

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    Conversational AI for IVR

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    Voice to Digital

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    What are Call Center Services?

    Call centers are no longer the channel of choice for most customers. This makes it more critical than ever to provide an excellent call center experience because customers who do call in are likely to be already frustrated and eager for a solution. Our unique combination of human talent and complimentary voice services can improve the call center experience by:

    Accurately identifying and solving more problems on the first try, reducing the need for callbacks, and improving your FCR (first call resolution) rating
    Using nearshore facilities to reduce overhead and expenses
    Training live agents to show compassion and alter their approach based on customer response
    Assisting customers with complex issues that digital channels are not equipped to handle

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    What is Conversational AI to IVR?

    Voice call center automation is a proven and effective way to streamline the call center experience. When customers call in, they are greeted by an artificial intelligence system that is programmed to be welcoming and ask a series of simple questions that will identify the reason for the customer’s call. Once the AI has clarified the intent, it can:

    • Take the customer out of the call queue and answer their question with a prerecorded message or redirect the customer to the proper platform for answers
    • Reduce live agent workloads, allowing representatives to spend more time resolving complex customer queries
    • Enable all customers to get the help they need in the fastest and most cost-effective manner
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    What is Voice to Digital?

    Digital channels are increasing in popularity and offer many benefits that call centers cannot, such as instant, around-the-clock availability. Using the latest technological developments, you can convert voice-based interactions into digital ones, providing more convenient service to customers while reducing your operational expenses.

    OutPLEX and our partners provide many digital channels that customers already like and are familiar with, including:

    • SMS text messaging
    • Messaging via apps
    • Social media messaging
    • Live Chat
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    Save up to 40% by switching to OutPLEX for all of your CX needs.

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      OutPLEX has proven to be a great partner since we launched our program over three years ago. They deliver great customer experiences and insights into how we can improve operational outcomes.

      — E-Commerce Director, Online Jewelry Retailer

      We had a need to scale quickly as our other provider was not delivering the level of CX our brand demands. OutPLEX, in a matter of months, was able to grow our program to 700 agents without sacrificing performance or quality.

      VP of Customer Care, Large Regional MSO/Telco Company

      The ability for OutPLEX to better understand our customer intents within our purchase flow was invaluable! In a matter of months, they were able to tune our Chat Bot to drive a 62% self-service rate with NPS equal to human assisted interactions.

      — Director of Operations,  Fortune 100 Home Improvement Retailer


      One of the world’s largest cosmetics brands was able to reduce their abandonment rate to 1% while increasing sales by 53%.


      Migrating your customers to digital channels can save your organization up to 40% while increasing Net Promoter Scores.


      When customers have a choice of channel, they often use messaging which provides a 78% higher open rate.