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Broadband and mobile carriers need customer service that is as reliable as their infrastructure. OutPLEX has been delivering on this promise for global carriers for decades with consistent, high-quality interactions at a competitive price.

Mobile and broadband carriers deal with the challenges posed by nature, like inclement weather, wildfires, and hurricanes. Our distributed call center model is geographically diverse, which ensures that your customers will always be able to contact our agents regardless of what is happening in your service region.

When surges do happen, OutPLEX is prepared. Tools like automation and IVR deflection make our agents more effective at managing peak demand, which has proven vital in helping our telecom clients deal with outages in years past. We also offer a full suite of back-office service options, including billing and database management, that dovetail with our voice and digital contact centers to create value and reduce costs for our clients.

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Customer Care is Key in the Mobile/Broadband Industry

In the competitive world of media and communications, price points and data speeds are no longer the only differentiating factors your customers want. Delivering a seamless and responsive customer experience is essential for media communications businesses, including:

  • Broadband
  • Mobile
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cable
  • And more

Integrating OutPLEX’s digital messaging and voice services solutions into your customer care experience is an opportunity to show customers that you value their time and patronage.

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    There are many strategies and communication channels you can use to impress customers. OutPLEX helps you narrow down your choices to find the right services, which will:

    • Rely on customer feedback: We can research the demographics you want to reach and figure out which combination of solutions best meets their needs.
    • Handle queries of all types: Whether the customer wants to upgrade their cell phone plan or is having trouble accessing the internet, your communication channels will be equipped to help them.
    • Be available at all times: When a customer has an issue with their phone, TV, or internet, they do not want to wait for business hours to get help. Digital channels can be there for them 24/7, and nearshoring your call center means live agents are available when your customers need them most.
    • Be fast and easy to use: Select channels that your customers already like and know how to use, such as SMS texting, chatbots, or digital messaging—or use the latest technology to optimize a call center for faster, more efficient service.
    • Be monitored and adjusted as necessary: Even the most effective plans eventually become outdated. It is critical to know as early as possible when this starts happening and make adjustments before your customers experience significant inconvenience.
    • Help you meet you most urgent goals: High-quality CXaaS can help your business increase customer loyalty, improve profit margins, reduce customer churn, and more.

    OutPLEX Provides Quality Customer Care

    Media, mobile, and broadband customer care involves many moving parts, all of which OutPLEX can manage on your behalf. You remain in charge of the overall strategy and messaging that you wish to communicate to customers. We manage the day-to-day operations of customer support, including but not limited to:

    Offering you (and your customers) the option of communicating via text, digital message, email, chatbot, video chat, or other channels

    Selecting the right combination of solutions and installing them within days

    Enhancing each channel with automation designed to optimize the customer experience and allow customers to get what they need from you quickly and efficiently

    Handling billing and other invaluable back-end services

    Monitoring all channels for both technical problems and opportunities to improve accessibility and usability

    With a partner like OutPLEX, your business can look forward to a profitable expansion “without sacrificing performance or quality,” as one of our telco clients put it.

    With over twenty years of experience, OutPLEX’s solutions are proven to work for businesses across all industries. Call 1.866.531.5773 or click the button below for a free quote about our customer care


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      OutPLEX has proven to be a great partner since we launched our program over three years ago. They deliver great customer experiences and insights into how we can improve operational outcomes.

      — E-Commerce Director, Online Jewelry Retailer

      We had a need to scale quickly as our other provider was not delivering the level of CX our brand demands. OutPLEX, in a matter of months, was able to grow our program to 700 agents without sacrificing performance or quality.

      VP of Customer Care, Large Regional MSO/Telco Company

      The ability for OutPLEX to better understand our customer intents within our purchase flow was invaluable! In a matter of months, they were able to tune our Chat Bot to drive a 62% self-service rate with NPS equal to human assisted interactions.

      — Director of Operations,  Fortune 100 Home Improvement Retailer


      Migrating your customers to digital channels can save your organization up to 40% while increasing Net Promoter Scores.


      One of the world’s largest cosmetics brands was able to reduce their abandonment rate to 1% while increasing sales by 53%.


      When customers have a choice of channel, they often use messaging which provides a 78% higher open rate.


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