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Your customers want to engage within their channel of choice. Meet them where they want to interact, with the right message, at the right time.

Digital messaging is now at the forefront of customer service. Gone are the days where customers are willing to wait on hold to talk to an agent.

Customers are busier and more sophisticated than ever before. They want instant, easy, flexible communications with brands they do business with. This means engaging via text, social media, and other messaging apps. Automation plays a key role in answering simple questions and completing basic tasks. Agents only need to get involved for more challenging inquiries.

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We offer digital customer experience management solutions.

By partnering with OutPLEX, our solutions will enable your business to increase sales and satisfaction while decreasing operational costs and turnover. You tell us what your goals are and what messages you need to communicate to customers; we take care of the rest.

Our digital messaging solutions include:

  • Assessment of your current capabilities
  • Determination of which combination of communication solutions is best for your business
  • Selection and integration of technology platforms
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Market/demographic research
  • KPI refinement and measurement
  • Software and hardware development
  • Marketing strategy implementation
  • Quality assurance and other back-office services.

The digital customer experience is vital for businesses across industries, from retail and travel to finance and healthcare. Proper implementation of digital and automated solutions can mean the difference between meeting and missing KPIs and business objectives—and keeping and losing customers. OutPLEX and our partners have all of the expertise, resources, and dedication your business needs to thrive in the digital age.

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    What is Digital Messaging?

    Digital messaging removes the bottleneck created by only offering phone support and allows you to connect with customers faster and more conveniently. By engaging with customers via digital platforms that they are already familiar with, and often prefer, you can assist more customers in less time using less resources. We categorize our digital messaging solutions into two primary offerings:


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    What is Messaging?

    Messaging allows your brand the ability to improve customer experience, drive higher loyalty, and reduce operational costs by deploying conversational messaging in the channels your customers prefer: SMS, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Webchat and many more. Customers connect with agents right away and can choose to respond immediately or answer at their leisure, ultimately allowing them to adapt support to their own schedules. That flexibility enhances the digital customer experience and results in higher satisfaction scores and increased customer loyalty.

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    What is Automation?

    Automation utilizes artificial intelligence to identify and respond to customer queries via messages pulled from the knowledge base. Our sophisticated team of conversation analysts, programmers and bot tuners look at historical inquiries to develop the bot automation to function conversationally. Incorporating automation successfully can lead to higher containment rates, meaning that only the complex inquiries need to be transferred to human agents for resolution.

    It makes all of your channels more intuitive and cost-effective by:

    • Providing value within days—our bots can be installed quickly with minimum downtime
    • Being easily programmable and able to respond to a broad array of simple, common queries
    • Learning as it operates, becoming more accurate and helpful the more it is used
    • Allowing integration between channels so that customers can instantly switch to another mode of communication as needed
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    Why go digital?

    A good digital customer experience is beneficial to both your business and the customers who rely on you.


    Automation plays a key role in answering simple questions and completing basic tasks. Agents need only get involved for more challenging inquiries. This empowers customers to solve their own problems: in one case, we used chatbot technology to increase a client’s customer self-service rate to 62% without sacrificing quality.


    Customers across all industries expect safe, private communication. This is especially important in the financial and medical sectors. We offer secure, protected channels that you and your customers can use with confidence.


    No matter where they are or what type of channel they prefer, customers can get help with any issue at any time.


    Having to be rerouted through a call center or wait on hold is now considered a thing of the past. Customers want and expect to find the information they need within moments.

    Cost Effectiveness

    Your business could save up to 40% by switching to digital customer platforms. Such channels allow you to assist a greater volume of customers for a fraction of the time and investment.

    Employee Effectiveness

    Digital platforms enable your employees to go where they are needed and to leave routine asks for automation to handle.

    An Edge Over Competitors

    Customer experience is critically important. Businesses that invest in digital CX have an advantage over those that do not. This edge will only increase as customers move more of their lives online.

    We offer free quotes to educate your business about what digital messaging is and how it can boost your business.

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      OutPLEX has proven to be a great partner since we launched our program over three years ago. They deliver great customer experiences and insights into how we can improve operational outcomes.

      — E-Commerce Director, Online Jewelry Retailer

      We had a need to scale quickly as our other provider was not delivering the level of CX our brand demands. OutPLEX, in a matter of months, was able to grow our program to 700 agents without sacrificing performance or quality.

      — VP Customer Care,  Large Regional MSO/Telco Company

      The ability for OutPLEX to better understand our customer intents within our purchase flow was invaluable! In a matter of months, they were able to tune our Chat Bot to drive a 62% self-service rate with NPS equal to human assisted interactions.

      — Director of Operations,  Fortune 100 Home Improvement Retailer


      When customers have a choice of channel, they often use messaging which provides a 78% higher open rate.


      Migrating your customers to digital channels can save your organization up to 40% while increasing Net Promoter Scores.


      One of the world’s largest cosmetics brands was able to reduce their abandonment rate to 1% while increasing sales by 53%.