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Call Center Services

Providing 24/7/365 professional call center services and developing affordable contact management services is what we do best. For 18 years we have transacted inbound and outbound calls servicing millions of customers from Fortune 500 and global corporations to innovative startup solutions.

OutPLEX focuses on call quality and the importance of your customers, which overall, builds a better brand all while we save you up to 40%+!


  • Data Collection

  • Market Research

  • Technical Support Tiers 1-3

  • White Glove Customer Service

  • B2B Sales/Appointment Setting


  • Higher AOV

  • 24/7/365 Support

  • 100% Digital Recording

  • Greater Customer Retention

  • Quality Customer Engagement


Never miss an opportunity. Be there at the right time to convert a website visit into a sale or deliver the best in class customer service! If you have a website, you are losing customers by not offering live customer service and support so your visitors can have the information they need readily available to make an important decision such as buying your product or service.


  • Technical Support Tier 1-2

  • Sales/Appointment Setting

  • White Glove Customer Service


  • Outreach

  • Reduce Expenses

  • Proactive and Reactive

  • Customer Convenience

  • Competitive Advantages

  • Faster Problem Resolution


OutPLEX’s bot service allows you to improve customer experience by engaging in natural personalized conversations through virtual assistants. AI technology enables them to maintain context and manage dialogues to perform tasks ranging from providing accurate information about a product, obtaining leads through SMS, to ensuring outstanding sales and checkout assistance, as well as a wide variety of complex tasks through self-service interactions.


  • Sales

  • Customer Service

  • Technical Support Tier 1


  • Automation of Repetitive Work

  • Can Handle 1000s of Live
    Chats Simultaneously

  • Fewer Representatives to
    Handle More Inquiries

  • Maintain previous
    conversation history with

  • Connect with consumers and
    businesses that you have
    previously not been able to
    engage with

social media management

OutPLEX identifies and analyzes the engagements on your company’s social media pages, while monitoring your products and competitors with leading social media monitoring tools. We identify important insights on sales, customer service, and the effective management of your brand and company reputation.


  • Social Sales Inquiries

  • Tier 1 Technical Support

  • Social Customer Service

  • Reputation Management


  • Higher AOV

  • Brand Recognition

  • Reduction in Phone Calls

  • Public Timely

  • Quality Convenient

  • Social Sentiment Reporting
    & Analysis


Lower your costs and improve efficiency! OutPLEX's skilled technical support agents go beyond KPIs and exceed customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in creating a great customer experience with first contact resolution, which means a greater ROI. By diagnosing and resolving your customers’ technology and software issues the first time, every time, costs are kept down and customer loyalty increases.

We pre-screen and test our tech support agents and couple them with tools and ticketing support technologies to assist your customers with technical support issues as they arise.

Our U.S., nearshore and work at home agent support offers a scalable and cost efficient model that typically saves our clients an average of 40%+.

As part of our complete outsourcing services each team receives dedicated operations management, training and Q&A staff, as well as reporting and work force management.

Skilled technical support at significant cost savings means OutPLEX!


  • Ticket Management

  • Technical Support Tiers 1-3

  • White Glove Customer Service


  • Improve Efficiencies

  • First Contact Resolution

  • Significant Reduction in Cost

  • Flexible Resource Management


Smart clients outsource their back office support to OutPLEX. At OutPLEX, our team manages your business processes via supportive technologies and a cost-efficient infrastructure. Rigorous quality controls and performance management means an average of 40%+ savings, consistently outperforming competitors and internal departments.

OutPLEX professionally manages back office operations including: Database Updating and Validation, Application Verification, Claims, Billing, Data Entry, Regulatory Compliance, Market Research, QA Testing, Accounting, IT services and more.


  • Ticket Management Systems

  • Highly Skilled, Energized Talent

  • Fully Transparent Infrastructure

  • Native Language and Time Zone

  • Real Time and Daily Reporting and Data Outputs


  • Immediate ROI

  • Increased Quality

  • High Quality Results

  • Cost Savings Greater than 40%+


OutPLEX provides world class software development services that drives digital transformation at a savings of 40%+. We develop digital products that serve millions of users all over the world. Highly scalable software architectures, test-driven development, and a continuous integration delivery are the backbone of our engineer’s engagement with your project. OutPLEX creates innovative software that drives business.


  • Chat BOT Development Quality Assurance & Testing

  • Agile, SCRUM and API Development and Integration

  • Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, C#, PHP, Perl, IOS, SQL, Ruby, LISP and more


  • 24/7 Helpdesk

  • Transparency, Daily and Program-to-date Tracking of All Work

  • Reliability, 17+ years of Software Development Services

  • Certified Technicians at a Lower Cost Simplified Pricing Model

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