Why You Should Outsource Nearshore


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Outsourcing Nearshore

Cost was the main factor when, in the mid-1990s, globalization reached the call center industry. As with many decisions made in business, money was an important factor. Companies that had been reluctant to work with offshore businesses were finding the price point attractive.

Although the price was right, businesses did not take into consideration the issues now being seen with offshoring. Offshore call centers are typically located in countries such as the Philippines or India. These offshore call centers are located in different time zones, making travel and communications very challenging. Language barriers are also commonplace, frustrating consumers. These factors cause a serious drop in quality. Although less expensive, offshoring is not worth the loss of quality and customer satisfaction.

Nearshore operations allow business to be conducted in a complimentary language and culture, as well as in comparable time zones.

Nearshore Provides Quality at the Right Price

At OutPLEX, we boast a nearshore location in the Dominican Republic. This location, along with our onshore site allows for redundancy should an outage occur. Our nearshore location also provides bilingual (English-Spanish) agents and lower rates compared to onshore locations.

In operating both onshore and nearshore, OutPLEX is able to offer unparalleled quality, comparable time zones to the U.S., and lower costs for services.

OutPLEX: Nearshore Call Center Experts

The OutPLEX brand is respected for being a customer-focused, experience-based call center services provider. OutPLEX offers innovative solutions and highly skilled bilingual agents at a significant cost savings. OutPLEX gives the best service to client brands and nurtures each and every engagement. We manage complex customer engagements in a changing global world, ensuring quality at every step of the way.

To see how much our nearshore location could save you, contact us to get a free quote.