Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing for Broadband Providers


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Call center services continue to be an essential function for broadband providers. How can you get the highest quality call center for the lowest operational cost? Outsourcing is the solution!

OutPLEX has over 20 years of experience providing clients with a smooth, efficient customer service experience. When you partner with us, we help you figure out how to optimize your customers’ call center experience while minimizing call center outsourcing costs. 

Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing for Broadband Providers

Building out your own call center may require a significant initial investment, and being solely responsible for its upkeep and maintenance can continue pulling resources away from your core business. Contracting with OutPLEX for your call center needs can save you:

  • Time: Our call centers are already up and running. You can provide your customers with responsive service right away without worrying about staffing and overhead.
  • Money: Outsourcing your call center services requires a much smaller investment than managing such in-house, allowing you to devote more resources to providing excellent broadband service to your subscribers.
  • Trouble: Figuring out how to run an efficient call center while dealing with the challenges of this current economy is a headache you don’t need to endure.
  • Customers: Many customers are not tolerant of subpar customer service experiences. If you go it alone without a BPO vendor’s expertise, you risk losing customers to a competitor with more established customer support.

Some businesses may be reluctant to outsource because they think it means giving up control. This isn’t the case with OutPLEX. While our team assumes responsibility for your CX day-to-day operations, your brand can help steer training, goals, and other important factors that will make our partnership successful. This includes:

  • Selecting the best tech platforms for use
  • Writing the scripts agents use in customer communications
  • Populating the knowledge base with relevant FAQs
  • Determining KPIs for program success
  • Any additional measurements you deem pertinent

OutPLEX works closely with our clients to implement communication solutions that reflect their:

  • Goals: No matter which KPIs are most important to your brand – from cost reduction to improving scores and rating – we can help design a program to meet those goals.
  • Values: Let us know what messaging you want to include in your live agents’ scripts or recorded messages. We will make sure to represent your brand voice in all communications.
  • Budget: We have a variety of solutions your brand can incorporate into your CX strategy. We work with you to determine which solutions fit your needs and budget.

We always keep clients in the loop about how our voice services are helping them meet their objectives. If concerns arise, we can schedule a meeting to figure out the source and determine how to get your business back on track.

Costs of Call Center Outsourcing for Broadband Providers

Some companies may hesitate to outsource their call centers due to monetary concerns. It is important to understand that outsourcing is often far less expensive than for businesses to operate their own call center. Our clients save an average of 40% on their labor costs after partnering with us.

One way we save you money is through nearshoring. Nearshoring, as Forbes explains, is the act of placing a tech center in a country close to the one in which your clients operate. For us, this means operating call centers in Colombia and the Dominican Republic. These centers are:

  • Close to the United States: This means our agents share time zones and cultural elements with your customers.
  • Staffed with trained agents: We teach our agents how to communicate in ways that advance your specific business goals. In addition, we are happy to retrain agents if current messages are not working or if your needs change.
  • Much more cost-effective than centers located elsewhere: Operating costs in Latin America are much lower than in the United States. We pass those savings on to our clients – typically an average savings of 40%.
  • Available 24/7: Our call center agents are available to operate during your business hours or around the clock if needed.

Our compassionate, multilingual agents not only help customers solve complex problems. They also soothe frustrated callers, promote your business’s values and goals, and even dissuade customers from terminating a service.

Digital Channels Can Improve the Call Center Experience

Call centers themselves offer many benefits, giving customers a place where they can get help with:

  • Broadband service that is slow, lagging, or experiencing an outage
  • Opening, upgrading, or modifying an account
  • Complex technical problems
  • Other unique issues needing live agent support

As advantageous as they are, call centers should not be the only way customers can get in touch with you. According to Forbes, an increasing number of customers prefer to handle their problems independently, when possible. “Independently,” in this case, means through the use of automated digital channels.

To meet your customers’ expectations, consider installing new digital channels or expanding the reach of digital channels that you already use. These channels may include:

  • SMS text: For many customers, texting is easier, more accessible, and less stressful than calling. Also, automated texts can often provide answers more quickly than a call center can.
  • Chatbots: Customers can access this automated system by clicking a button on your website. It can then suggest topics or respond to key phrases in the customer’s typed request.
  • Digital messaging: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites allow users to message each other privately. Leverage these channels where your customers are already interacting. Messaging apps like WhatsApp are also great channels your customers may already have installed.
  • Email: Customers may appreciate getting an email if, for instance, they have to review a lot of complex information before making a decision.

By giving your customers many different ways of getting in touch with you, you can:

  • Increase sales: The Conversocial State of CX Trends Report 2021 shows that giving customers access to digital channels can significantly increase the chances of making a sale.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Customers prefer using channels they are already familiar with, especially when those channels can give them helpful information more quickly.
  • Empower customers: Digital channels put control in your customers’ hands. They can direct their own experience, including choosing how they contact you.
  • Decrease call center wait times: With more customers solving simple issues on their own, customers with more complex issues may not have to wait as long when they contact your call center for assistance. This improves the customer support experience for all.

Digital channels are ideally suited for simple questions like those envisioned in the following scenarios.

  • A customer is about to move residences and wants information on how to transfer their service.
  • A customer has already relocated and wants to report their new address.
  • A customer wants to know how to make an online payment.
  • A customer is having a technical issue. They decide to seek help from a digital channel first. The digital channel can suggest quick fixes that may solve the problem.

What if a customer’s problem is not as simple as they first thought? Digital channels recognize when they are not equipped to respond helpfully. The system or digital agent can automatically deflect the customer to the call center, making it easy to continue the interaction until a successful resolution is achieved.

OutPLEX Can Supply Both Digital Messaging and Voice Services

It is far more efficient to use a single vendor for all your CX needs. Having one provider makes integrating and coordinating messages across channels easier. By contracting with OutPLEX, you can experience all of the benefits of call center outsourcing while substantially reducing costs.

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Over the past 20+ years, OutPLEX has provided call center services to a variety of industries, including some of the largest and most recognized broadband providers. We would be happy to develop a customized CX strategy for your brand. To learn more about the benefits and costs of call center outsourcing for broadband providers, get in touch today. We are always happy to provide a free quote for services.

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