International Business Process Outsourcing Company, Talk2Rep, Inc., Rebrands As OutPLEX


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OutPLEX is the result of the successful re-branding of Talk2Rep. OutPLEX reflects today’s rapidly changing digital and omnichannel customer.

Omnichannel strategically improves user experiences by ensuring improved communication channels, and the resources that bind these hubs. “The idea of talking with customer via a call center, such as what we have successfully perfected with Talk2Rep, is no longer as prevalent. The ability to connect based on customer preference ushers in a new digital world that promotes an optimum customer experience,” Jim Ryan, CEO and founder notes, “and this will be evident in OutPLEX.”

Founded by serial entrepreneur, Jim Ryan, Talk2Rep has successfully served global brands for nearly two decades. Some of the varied brands the company services include an international electronics company, a publicly traded telecommunications company, a human health maintenance organization, as well as multiple international retailers.

“We are rebranding to OutPLEX to reflect omnichannel engagement and digital experiences,” explains Mr. Ryan. “Historically, Talk2Rep has been at the forefront of developing innovative customer contact platforms that outperform competitors in internal call center operations. Re-branding as OutPLEX now connects clients to new digital experiences that support more complex customer engagements.”

Today, companies and brands are seeking to adopt and engage channels. OutPLEX creates platforms populated with highly skilled representatives coupled with artificial intelligence (AI), bots/chat bots, and SMS technology. “OutPLEX is a key, successful example of the new age of technology complementing the human conversation engagement we have perfected,” says Mr. Ryan. OutPLEX utilizes social media, offers stellar technical support, and is based with a strong back office infrastructure. Global brands turn to OutPLEX for complex outsourcing and higher ROI.

Talk2Rep has always captured the voice of the customer. The challenge has been defining omnichannel connections in a new digital world. OutPLEX is the innovative solution to that challenge.

OutPLEX is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with domestic and international operations, as well as work at home professionals supporting global brands since 2000.