Smart clients outsource their back office support to OutPLEX. At OutPLEX, our team manages your business processes via supportive technologies and a cost-efficient infrastructure. Rigorous quality controls and performance management means an average of 40%+ savings, consistently outperforming competitors and internal departments.

OutPLEX professionally manages back office operations including: Database Updating and Validation, Application Verification, Claims, Billing, Data Entry, Regulatory Compliance, Market Research, QA Testing, Accounting, IT services and more.


  • Ticket Management Systems

  • Highly Skilled, Energized Talent

  • Fully Transparent Infrastructure

  • Native Language and Time Zone

  • Real Time and Daily Reporting and Data Outputs


  • Immediate ROI

  • Increased Quality

  • High Quality Results

  • Cost Savings Greater than 40%+

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