Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution (ACD( is a system that connects call center customers with live call center agents, ensuring the fastest possible service by sending them to the first available agent.

Customers get help fast, and call center agents get a steady but not overwhelming flow of work. ACD helps your brand:

  • Improve efficiency to handle more customers in less time
  • Reduce call center expenses by increasing efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction rates by ensuring each call is handled as effectively as possible

Today, many call centers are equipped with tech-based solutions to give customers answers without them ever speaking to a live agent. When a customer has very basic questions about product functionality, business hours, and order status, automation is invaluable. Some customers still need or prefer a live agent’s assistance optimized through an automatic call distributor:

  • Those less comfortable with digital channels and automation in general
  • Those with complex problems that automated channels cannot resolve
  • Those too frustrated to deal with an automated channel
  • Customers considering abandoning your brand that may be persuaded to reconsider by a compassionate, well-trained human agent
  • Customers without reliable access to newer technologies, such as those in rural areas

Equip your call center with an automatic call distribution system that can serve these customers and effectively:

  • Minimize customer impatience and frustration by keeping wait times as short as possible
  • Keep track of which live agents are occupied and which ones are available at any given time
  • Send customers to a live agent as soon as one becomes available

ACD is vital to efficient call center functioning. OutPLEX can provide you with ACD services and keep the system functioning throughout its lifetime, thanks to our committed team of tech experts.

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