Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) combines hardware and software designed to behave like a human being. For example, an AI designed to work in customer service might exhibit the following traits:

  • An ability to learn and get smarter through machine learning the more it interacts with customers
  • An ability to hold real conversations with customers by asking them what they want, soliciting and processing responses, and providing appropriate solutions
  • An ability to recognize when a customer needs more help and send the customer to the best possible resource

Older AI models may strike customers as stilted and unnatural. They might ask a caller to “press 1 for X, press 2 for Y” to better understand the customer’s problem. Updated models engage with customers in a fluid, human-like way, to the point where they can simulate meaningful and normal conversations.

OutPLEX uses artificial intelligence in many of its communication solutions, including:

  • Digital channel automation using AI to respond to customers via text messages and digital messages
  • Conversational AI to engage customers in natural conversations like a live agent
  • Voice-to-digital services, in which the AI listens to the customer, then converts the spoken request into a digital one

Other AIs do not interact directly with the customer. The work behind the scenes makes the customer’s experience smoother and more pleasant. An associate assistant, for example, facilitates call center interactions by:

  • Providing call center agents with everything they need to know about a caller, including their reason for contacting your brand
  • Summarizing what has already been done for the caller
  • Suggesting possible solutions and responses to the caller’s problem
  • Making real-time adjustments and updates to the caller profile

AI is becoming increasingly popular in the customer service industry. It offers many benefits that live agents alone simply cannot efficiently provide, including:

  • Lower operational and labor costs
  • Greater capacity to help more customers than a live agent could in the same amount of time
  • Improved customer retention, empowerment, and satisfaction
  • Higher First Call Resolution (FCR) rates

Artificial intelligence can streamline virtually every aspect of your customer experience. OutPLEX has spent the past twenty years developing new AI services that impress customers and businesses.

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