Associate Assist

Associate assist is an AI-driven solution for call center agents helping them serve customers better with access to timely and relevant information about callers. Helping your customers improves your customer retention rates, First Call Resolution (FCR) rates, and much more.

Here is how it works.

  • An artificial intelligence (AI) answers the customer’s call, trying to first address their needs through automation, sending them to the first available live agent when it cannot
  • Associate assist identifies the customer and gives the call center agent a profile with the customer’s name, contact information, past interactions, reason for calling, and any actions that have already been taken to try to resolve the customer’s issue
  • The call center agent uses this information to avoid asking repetitive questions or retrying unsuccessful solutions, making the customer experience smoother and less frustrating
  • The associate assist listens in on every call and updates the customer profile in real time, suggesting possible responses and solutions as the conversation continues

You can also use the associate assist to improve your overall customer experience, using information for:

  • Quality assurance that improves the overall call center experience with automated listening to recorded interactions that identifies its positive and suboptimal qualities
  • Predicting the customer’s future needs for more proactive solutions or products
  • Informing future campaigns and product offerings based on what customers want most from your brand

Many different kinds of software can run an associate assist. Your software selection should be based on:

  • Your industry (e.g., if you need your communications to be HIPAA compliant)
  • How many customers you expect to call into the call center
  • What type of software and hardware systems you already have in place

Associate assist is only one of many AI-driven services that OutPLEX offers. Our tech partners, as well as our team members, have pioneered the development of many AI solutions, including associate assist software. We can help you install the software of your choice, teach you how to use it, and maintain or update the software as required.

To learn more, contact OutPLEX at 1.866.531.5773 or today.

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