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Satisfying your client’s customers is the most important way to achieve success in call center companies. To maintain and increase your client base, it is critical that established clients are happy with the call center services you provide. Call centers are here to improve the customer experience.

OutPLEX is an expert in inbound call center services and understands that service costs must be kept low and customer satisfaction must be kept high. The key to this is having a staff proud of where they work and happy with their work. In short, company culture is tied to customer happiness.

One issue that upsets customers most when dealing with a service company is having to speak with more than one person and having to re-explain their question or having their call transferred or dropped multiple times. OutPLEX believes that first call resolution (FCR), resolving customer issues on the first call, is the easiest, most effective way to increase customer satisfaction. When a customer must make a second call for the same issue, customer satisfaction drops.


Multi-channel options provide multiple ways for customers to get answers. Having multiple options, or channels, increases customer satisfaction because they are seeking answers on their terms. Some very responsive multi-channel options include SMS/text messaging, email, and live chat—all in addition to traditional telephone support. These provide customers with a method that best suits their needs at the time they want their answer. For instance, a customer may be on a live chat while also working on their computer or answering their phone, which is preferred to customers having to waste time on a telephone listening to hold music or silence waiting for an answer.

Bear in mind that hold times upset customers and increase inbound call center costs. In fact, many customers will drop calls when forced to wait on hold. Reducing hold times and offering a call back option also increases customer retention.

When customers contact your organization, they are calling with a question or inquiry about an issue they want resolved. A call center customer is looking for a quick, correct, timely response from a knowledgeable, empathetic person. Call centers must have well-trained agents ready to respond to common questions and concerns and must have processes in place to respond to customers quickly when an answer is not immediately available. Having a staff that is happy and well-trained, will help resolve customer inquiries on the first interaction. Giving customers multiple ways to contact you to have their issues resolved will go a long way in improving the customer experience.

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