Why Digital Customer Service Is Critical for Broadband Customer Support


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Digital customer service is becoming more and more important as an increasing number of customers take their business online. As a broadband provider, including digital messaging support in your CX strategy is critical to staying at the forefront of your industry.

With over two decades of experience, OutPLEX has the dedication and the expertise to help your business design a customer service experience that works for both you and your customers.

The Advantages of Digital Messaging

Unlike traditional call centers, digital communication channels allow customers to stay in control of their own experience. The customer can:

  • Choose the channel they like most: Customers all prefer different communication methods. Providing access to more channels enables more customers to interact in the way that is most comfortable for them, ultimately increasing their satisfaction.
  • Get in touch whenever they want to: Automated channels like digital messaging are available to customers when and where they need.
  • Find answers on their own: The customer does not need to wait for a live agent to become available or rely on someone else to give them what they are looking for.
  • Solve problems quickly: Customers can get what they need almost as soon as they type in their questions. 

In addition to providing numerous advantages to your customers, digital messaging is also an excellent way for your business to:

  • Save money: Automation can often help more customers more efficiently than a traditional call center. The faster you can solve a customer’s problem, the fewer resources you have to invest.
  • Increase customer loyalty: If you give customers what they seek, those customers are more likely to remain loyal to your brand.
  • Attract more customers: Every customer wants to feel valued and appreciated. You can use your exemplary digital customer service as a marketing tool to bring in more business.
  • Meet goals faster: We can program and integrate your digital channels in ways that could enable you to meet—or even exceed—your business objectives.
  • Grow in other areas: When you have a great digital customer support system in place through your outsourcing partner, you can spend more time developing other parts of your business.

As a January 2021 Forbes article noted, digital channels have recently gone from being only a “support tool” to the primary method of customer-business interaction. It is, therefore, more important than ever for businesses to take advantage of digital solutions like:

  • Texting: A quick text exchange with an automated bot enables customers to ask simple questions or respond to reminders about deadlines, appointments, and so on.
  • Digital messaging: Customers can get in touch with you through a favorite app or private messaging service.
  • Social media messaging: Social media apps are some of the most popular messaging platforms. Engaging where your customers already are makes it convenient and satisfying for their user experience.
  • Chatbot automation: Chatbots are programmed to respond to a wide range of customer inquiries, allowing customers to get answers at their convenience.

OutPLEX would be happy to audit your current digital channels and upgrade them as necessary or start from scratch and provide your business with its first digital messaging systems.

Improving Call Centers with Digital Channels

Digital messaging and other digital channels are critical to providing broadband customers with the best possible experience. They are a great way to help customers who need answers to basic questions such as:

  • How do I upgrade my account?
  • How do I change my contact information?
  • What if I forgot my Wi-Fi password?
  • What does this product or service include?
  • How do I install or uninstall this product or feature?
  • What time does your call center open?

As useful as digital messaging is, using it does not mean that you should halt traditional call center services altogether.

A call center can provide great value to customers who are less tech-savvy or who have problems too complex for digital channels to guide them through. OutPLEX would like to help you build the most efficient call center possible by:

  • Training and retraining agents: Our agents already know how to treat customers right. We can also instruct them to tailor their interactions to help you meet business goals.
  • Nearshoring: By basing our call centers in Colombia and the Dominican Republic, we save our clients money and provide your customers with agents who speak their language and understand their culture.
  • Being there when your customers need them: Our call centers are in the same time zones as many of your customers. This means our agents are available and alert at the times when your customers are most likely to call in.
  • Fixing technical issues: Call our 24/7 support team whenever you encounter problems. We offer this same service with digital channels, so you can count on round-the-clock support for all of the channels we provide you with.
  • Working with your existing systems: You do not have to spend a fortune overhauling your existing communication system. OutPLEX can find or develop software that is compatible with what you already use.

Both your call center and your digital channels may work better when they can rely on each other. Let OutPLEX supply all of your communication needs, and we can:

  • Ensure consistent messaging across channels: No matter which channel your customer uses, they should get the same accurate, helpful information.
  • Divert customers from one channel to another: If automation cannot resolve the customer’s issue, it can immediately transfer the customer to an agent for assistance.
  • Reduce points of contact: OutPLEX allows you to consolidate all your CX needs with one vendor, streamlining the process.
  • Minimize costs: Using OutPLEX as your sole vendor can lower your operating costs. This can free up capital to invest in other aspects of your business.
  • Make customers feel better: If a customer is trying to contact you, odds are they have a problem and are already frustrated. This may be especially true if they are calling a call center. It is very important that both your automated and live channels express empathy and understanding throughout all interactions.

Customers Expect Digital Customer Service

According to survey results recorded on Page 6 of the Conversocial State of CX Trends Report 2021, 81% of customers expect brands to offer digital messaging options, and 69% report engaging with a brand through digital messaging. Both of these numbers represent significant increases compared with the previous year.

It is clear that digital messaging is a ‘need-to-have,’ not a ‘nice-to-have,’ for businesses that want to thrive both now and in the future. To keep up with your customers’ expectations for digital messaging services, you can give them the option of getting in touch with you through:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Apple
  • Other digital messaging services

Fortunately, you do not have to maintain a presence on every social media site to satisfy your customers. As the Pew Research Center found, each demographic gravitates towards different platforms. By allowing OutPLEX to conduct market research for your broadband business, you can find out which digital messaging channels are worth investing in.

OutPLEX can conduct research that gives you a better understanding of which digital channels your customers will use and appreciate most. This could allow your company to efficiently and effectively target customers’ needs.

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