OutPLEX Celebrates 20 Years

Jim Ryan

Founder & CEO


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This month we are celebrating our company’s 20th anniversary, and it’s been a heck of a ride! Two whole decades of OutPLEX have seemingly flown by. I thought hard about how to craft this blog and struggled with where to begin. Do I talk about the early sacrifices made and the people that have supported me and the business? Do I recognize key individual contributions? Vendors, Partners, Clients, etc.? In more recent years, I’ve been actively involved in helping other entrepreneurs launch their businesses. Should I share my own challenges over the past 20 years that may help other startups and entrepreneurs? After some time and deep reflection, I thought I would share how gratifying it is to have helped people along the way!

This is sort of contrarian to the idea of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Sure, creating jobs is a byproduct of a company’s success and growth. But we typically don’t think about the people that we impact through business growth and opportunities created.

A Time-Honored Proverb

I have always loved the saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Show him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

So, as we celebrate 20 years, I’m thinking of the many people at OutPLEX that have helped others along the way by teaching them and coaching them so that they, in turn, can do better for themselves. Is there anything more gratifying in this world than knowing you’ve made a difference in people’s lives by teaching and coaching? Honestly, I can’t think of anything.

For 20 years, our management teams, coaches, supervisors, and others have helped people and perhaps, made their lives a little better by giving them tools and tips to be more skilled in their jobs. Along the way, we’ve grown. Many employees grew with us, and unfortunately, some didn’t. But my hope is that each individual we encountered, and each employment experience, that the person walked away with something. Perhaps as basic as a little extra money to, I’m proud to say, a significant number of people that have blossomed with successful multi-year careers with us.

You see, finding talent is only one part of a successful business formula. Coaching and teaching those individuals to maximize their potential has been a part of our secret sauce at OutPLEX since the beginning. And it’s a large part of our mission to stay highly competitive. It really should be a part of every entrepreneur’s playbook.

The Impact of Great Leaders

I remember my own coaches and business leaders and the impacts they had on me and my career. I was fortunate to have worked for several great leaders that inspired me. So, as I reflect on 20 years and share my deep appreciation for our clients, internal teams, and partners alike, I’m thinking about our recruiters, supervisors, managers, trainers, and quality teams that have helped so many people become better employees, and perhaps even better humans—providing opportunities and empowering people for success. This mantra has always been part of my DNA, and it’s been incredibly gratifying to have helped so many along the way. It’s a part of the OutPLEX DNA as well.

The future is so uncertain these days. Over 20 years, our company has witnessed 9-11, the financial market crisis, and now a pandemic. While our growth has never been more significant, and we continue to evolve, I am confident and committed to doing our best to always “show someone how to fish.” I appreciate the journey, and I’m thankful and humbled by everyone that has joined us for the ride!

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