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The customer experience is key when it comes to satisfaction levels and retention. While texting has been in existence for 20 years, a greater number of call centers are now using SMS messaging to enhance customer engagement. The benefits of using SMS messaging in the call center make it well worth the affordable investment.

Consumers Prefer Text

SMS messaging in a call center makes it easy to connect quickly with the customer because almost everyone uses texts as a means for communication. And, with an open rate of 98% text messaging is a direct way to reach consumers. More consumers are opting to communicate with businesses via text as well, resulting in a higher level of customer engagement.   

Better Customer Service

There are several ways that SMS messaging can be used to improve customer service. SMS messaging relieves call center wait time by giving customers the option to connect with companies on their terms, outside of the call center environment. Text also allows customers to check order status, schedule or change appointments, or add to an order, which leads to a more efficient operation, as well as a more satisfied customer.   

Sometimes, a customer has a question about their bill or a store’s hours, which can be answered quickly via text. The correct SMS platform enables customers to text key words and get this information automatically.  

Call Center Efficiency Increases

Most consumers do not want to be placed on hold for a long period of time. Call center representatives can use text to help multiple customers simultaneously. This gives the customer a faster response while increasing the efficiency of the sales representatives.

SMS messaging is a convenient way for the call center to connect with the customer. OutPLEX uses SMS technology to provide customers with white glove service and increase their satisfaction and engagement. Inquire here for more information regarding this and other OutPLEX solutions!