Managed Services

Managed services are technology solutions that keep your customer service operations on track. Many companies outsource them to a third-party vendor with talent and resources in place to provide services like:

  • Monitoring calls for quality assurance purposes
  • Storing and instantly updating customer profiles for call center agents to use during customer interactions
  • Analyzing data to determine success rates or opportunities for growth
  • Making sure all technology stays up to date and in good repair, including the technology behind your digital communication solutions
  • Recommending and installing the right software for every job, from automated chatbots to interactive voice response (IVR)

Technology can improve your customer experience quickly  as it:

  • Keeps track of your progress in real time
  • Responds rapidly to possible problems, or even predicts problems before they occur
  • Assists more customers in less time and for less money
  • Increases customer satisfaction by giving them access to the high-quality, high-speed tech solutions they expect
  • Decreases customer turnover by giving customers everything they need, when they need it

To keep your technology working efficiently and to keep it up-to-date, we deploy team members like:

  • Software designers
  • Software engineers
  • Conversation designers
  • IT experts

OutPLEX’s team members are fully vetted, onboarded, and trained..  we take care of:

  • Assessing whether a given employee is capable of fulfilling your needs based on the specifications you give us
  • Retraining employees based on their needs or changes in your business strategy
  • Removing and replacing employees who are not a good fit for your project
  • Monitoring customer interactions to ensure consistent quality of service and to identify areas for improvement

By outsourcing your managed services, you save time, money and effort without sacrificing the customer service quality. Thanks to our decades of experience in this field, you would also gain access to our insights on emerging trends and new technologies that may further improve your overall customer experience.

To find out about OutPLEX’s managed services and other offerings, call 1.866.531.5773 or visit today.

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