Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated service that streamlines call center operations. It can do almost anything a human call center agent can do, but faster and for a fraction of the cost, such as:

  • Picking up immediately when a customer calls so they do not have to wait on hold
  • Welcoming the customer and asking them why they have called
  • Allowing the customer to explain their problem in whole sentences—conversational AI enables more natural interactions than other AI systems that ask callers to “press 1 for X” and so on
  • Playing a recorded message that addresses the customer’s problem or telling them where they can find the answer to their question
  • Inviting the customer to take a follow-up survey to assess their satisfaction with the interaction
  • Promoting your business’s goals and values by playing recordings that deliver the messages you want customers to hear

In cases where the IVR cannot resolve a customer’s problem, or where the customer does not wish to speak to an AI, the IVR can divert the customer to the first available human agent through an automatic call distributorat the customer’s request or by recognizing that the customer is frustrated.

Interactive Voice Response benefits include:

  • Increase call center efficiency by handling many more calls at once
  • Decrease expenses by reducing the need for human interaction
  • Make live agents’ jobs easier, leading to greater employee satisfaction and less turnover
  • Increase satisfaction among customers who get their problems solved quicker

Whether you already have an Interactive Voice Response system in place or have never used one before, OutPLEX can ensure your brand makes the most of it. We are pioneers in automated communication services, so we know how to:

  • Pick the right software to meet your needs
  • Program that software according to your goals and values
  • Install all new systems in a matter of days
  • Troubleshoot as necessary, fixing issues quickly so they do not inconvenience customers
  • Evaluating the success of the IVR system and working with you to determine when adjustments might be necessary

To learn more about Interactive Voice Response and our other services, contact OutPLEX at 1.866.531.5773 or

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