Full Time Employees

Full-time employees (FTEs) work a certain number of hours per week (in the U.S., the threshold is usually 40 hours) and thereby qualify for employee benefits such as health insurance. Businesses have a legal obligation to provide these benefits to all FTEs.

Alternatives to FTEs include part-time employees who do not work as many hours as FTEs and therefore do not qualify for benefits, and contractors who are outside workers and do not get the same rights and protections as part-time and full-time workers.

There are pros and cons to hiring each type of worker. Consider the following:

  • Loyalty: Full-time employees may feel greater loyalty to your company, and may be more likely to stay leading to lower employee turnover rates and higher employee engagement.
  • Expense: FTEs are protected by more laws than part-time or contract workers, so it costs you more to cover their salary and benefits.
  • Flexibility: Some workers appreciate the freedom that comes with being a contractor. They can set their own hours and retain greater control over who they work for and when.

The right combination of full-time employees, part-time employees, and contractors can ensure you enjoy all the benefits of each type of worker while minimizing the downsides.

Full-time employees may work in an office setting or from home, depending on your needs, employee’s preferences, and the work to be done. OutPLEX uses both models, allowing some of our employees to work from home while others operate out of offices in the United States, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia. We hire full-time employees from around the world to:

  • Program and repair software
  • Respond directly to customer inquiries
  • Conduct research
  • Manage the financial side of your business

Instead of using your own valuable time to find, onboard, and train FTEs and other workers, OutPLEX can do it all for you. We can serve as your employee relationship manager by:

  • Asking you what qualifications you seek and deploying personnel on that basis
  • Hiring new employees or removing employees from your account as necessary
  • Training and retraining employees to perform at peak efficiency
  • Allowing employees room to grow within the organization, fostering greater loyalty and employee satisfaction

OutPLEX can provide your business with all of the full-time employees and other workers you need to thrive. Call 1.866.531.5773 or visit to find out how.

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