Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the amount of effort employees put into pleasing customers and furthering your service goals. High employee engagement offers these advantages:

  • Higher employee satisfaction: Employees who feel valued and listened to are more likely to be happy with their work and do their jobs well.
  • Lower employee turnover: When employees are happy, they are less likely to change jobs. You spend less on recruiting and training new personnel.
  • More cohesive teams: With low turnover, employees get to know one another and work more effectively together.
  • Greater ability to meet goals: Engaged, enthusiastic employees working well together can achieve more and perform better.Higher

customer satisfaction rating (CSAT): Customers can tell when your employees are engaged and productive.

OutPLEX understands the benefits of employee engagement, and also what it takes to achieve and maintain it. By outsourcing your personnel needs, you can turn responsibility for employee engagement, hiring, and training over to us.

We encourage our employees to stay engaged by:

  • Offering work-from-home options:Allowing employees to work where they want shows that we respect and value their priorities, making them more likely to stay happy and engaged.
  • Offering locations in multiple countries: We gain greater perspective—and reduce costs for clients—by basing operations in the United States as well as Colombia and the Dominican Republic.
  • Providing educational opportunities: We provide retraining when necessary, which boosts employee performance and gives them the skills they need to advance.
  • Providing opportunities for advancement: Many of our higher-level employees worked their way up within our company. Our management teams understand the company well, and new employees have can aspire to career advancement.
  • Listening to our employees: No one knows our employees’ jobs better than our employees. When they come to us with problems or suggestions, we take their opinions seriously.

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