Digitalization takes a function traditionally handled by human beings and programming a machine or software to handle it. Digitalization is transforming customer service:

  • Directing customers to automated channels, such as chatbots or text messages, that can answer simple questions about your business and product offerings
  • Using a conversational AI to respond to call center calls, identify the customer’s problem, and decide how best to resolve their issue
  • Programming an AI to monitor customer interactions, record important data (e.g., Average Handle Time [AHT]), and collect that data for human analysts
  • Programming an AI to provide call center agents with up-to-date profiles on the customers they speak with

Digitalization enables customer service employees—and your customer experience as a whole—to function more efficiently. Digital technology is now diverse enough and cost effective enough to manage most aspects of the customer experience with little to no daily effort by human employees.

Nonetheless, humans remain a key part of any digitalization effort. To keep your digital solutions functioning properly at all times, you will need:

  • Conversation designers who determine the tone and messaging of your automated channels
  • IT experts who stay on call 24/7 to respond to unexpected problems
  • Software programmers who make sure that all of your AIs know how to “behave” and can learn as they go along
  • Quality assurance (QA) experts who can perform regular checks on your digital channels to make sure they provide customers with the best possible experience

Through digitalization, you can provide a better, more effective customer experience. Digital solutions offer benefits such as:

  • Greater cost efficiency, because digital channels cost less to operate and can help many more customers at a time than a traditional call center
  • Greater overall efficiency, because digitalization makes it easier to track your progress and implement fast changes at the first sign of trouble
  • Greater customer satisfaction, because many customers prefer using digital channels over speaking with a call center agent

OutPLEX has the equipment, the people, and the experience to help you better understand how to go digital and the benefits of doing so. With our help, your brand can see even greater benefits from digitalization, as we take responsibility for day-to-day operations and are always available to answer your questions.

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