Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is when a business assesses their entire communication system and transitions to greater use of digital solutions, such as:

  • Digital channels: Digital messaging, SMS texting, and chatbots are more efficient than a traditional call center—and many customers now prefer such channels.
  • Automation: An artificial intelligence can be programmed to run your digital channels with minimal human interaction. They can answer many customer questions and send customers to call center agents if necessary.
  • Call center add-ons: Traditional call centers may be greatly improved by adding conversational AI, interactive voice response (IVR), and other digital services.

Digital transformations are quickly becoming vital for brands across all industries. Customers use digital technologies to conduct business, go shopping, and perform tasks with a click or a tap. They have little patience for a brand that does not offer digital options or whose digital channels do not work well.

An effective digital transformation will follow these general steps, varying with your current capabilities and projected needs:

  • Research: Discover what kinds of digital solutions your customers want and what types of technology are available.
  • Technology selection: Choose the right combination of hardware and software that will serve you well for years to come.
  • Programming: Set it up to behave the way you want. Use past customer interactions to tell an AI how to respond to customer requests.
  • Installation: Install your new digital solutions and run preliminary tests to make sure that both old and new systems are functional. The faster you complete the installation, the less inconvenience your customers will experience.
  • Monitoring: Track how customers are responding to your messaging and how the technology itself is working. Identify and deal with problems as quickly as possible.

OutPLEX can manage all of these steps for you, giving you a solid roadmap for every step of your digital transformation.

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