Digital Outsourcing

Digital outsourcing is hiring an outside vendor to supply your digital communication needs. Outsourcing,  offers many benefits over handling communications in-house, including:

  • Lower costs: Your vendor should have the personnel and equipment required to supply your digital needs, eliminating start-up costs.
  • Greater experience: Vendors with years of experience working with digital solutions are attuned to emerging trends and know the pitfalls to avoid.
  • More resources for you: The time and money you save by outsourcing can be invested in other areas of your business.

Commonly outsourced functions include:

  • Digital channel programming: Program, install, and maintain all of the digital channels, including chatbots, text messaging, and more.
  • Automation: Operate digital channels without direct human interaction using conversational AI to improve call center efficiency.
  • Back-end services: Enhance the call center experience by providing timely customer profiles to live agents and monitoring calls to aid in quality assurance (QA).

You do not need multiple vendors when outsourcing multiple digital services. OutPLEX is a multichannel vendor that provides digital and traditional communication services. Contracting with a single vendor is far simpler and more convenient than trying to juggle multiple contracts.

Maximize the benefits of digital outsourcing while avoiding unpleasant surprises by establishing:

  • Accountability: A chain of command that specifyies who is responsible for tasks will make operations run smoothly.
  • Capabilities: Understand what various services and technologies can and cannot do.
  • Expense: Know how much will you pay when, clearly specifying terms the contract.

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