Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT)

Your Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT) is the percentage of customers who report being happy with the customer service you provide. Many factors contribute to customer satisfaction, including:

  • Having options to communicate through channels they prefer
  • Your First Call Resolution (FCR) rate measuring how often you solve issues on the first try
  • Whether the customer ultimately does receive a solution that resolves their issue
  • How well the customer feels they were treated by the call center agent a

Satisfied customers are more likely to stay loyal to your brand and generate positive word of mouth than unsatisfied customers. By increasing your CSAT, you may also see an increase in:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer retention
  • New customers
  • Sales

The most direct way to measure CSAT is by asking the customer how they feel about their experience. Invite them to take a short survey after a completed interaction and then collate the survey responses to identify trends. Analyze social media posts that mention your brand to track what people say about you.

What can you do if you Customer Satisfaction Rating is not where you want it to be? Your first step should be to identify the cause(s) of dissatisfaction. Hiring a vendor like OutPLEX can help you:

  • Monitor customer interactions across all channels
  • Research customer demographics
  • Analyze data to identify trends and pinpoint which part of the customer journey is not providing customers what they need
  • Tell you about technologies that can help increase your Customer Satisfaction Rating

Once you have found the root causes of problems, you can develop a strategy to improve the customer experience. Strategies may include:

  • Retraining call center agents to communicate with customers in different ways
  • Redesigning the conversations automated channels use to “talk” to customers
  • Overhauling how a channel works, eliminating steps or options that make it unnecessarily confusing to use
  • Investing in new communication channels and/or stop using old ones that customers do not use much

OutPLEX can help you improve your Customer Satisfaction Rating. Call 1.866.531.5773 or visit to find out how.

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