Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is everything you do to provide a high-quality customer service experience. It may include:

  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Strategy creation
  • Strategy implementation
  • Quality assurance (QA) checks

Most CRM processes and technologies use multiple communication channels to interact with customers. You choose them based on functionality, customer interest, and types of messaging.

Many companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their approach to CRM, using it to:

  • Monitor all customer interactions and send that data to human experts for analysis
  • Help all team members, from call center agents to CRM strategists, to better understand what customers want and how to give it to them
  • Enable team members to stay in touch, update each other, and react more quickly to anything that requires their attention
  • Survey customers after each interaction

You can try to handle CRM in house, but outsourcing these responsibilities to an established vendor like OutPLEX can be more effective to:

  • Quickly identify trouble spots in your current CRM strategy
  • Suggest ways to address things that customers do not like
  • Come up with an overall CRM strategy that includes measurable metrics, ways to establish accountability, and long-term objectives
  • Conduct regular QA tests on all channels
  • Research your customers by identifying their demographics and conducting surveys to determine if they are satisfied with your support system

Outsourcing CRM and other processes can save you money and let you invest your time and resources in your core business. Contracting with OutPLEX gives you an experienced Customer Relationship Management team:

  • QA specialists
  • Data analysts
  • Marketing researchers
  • Software programmers

CRM is an ongoing process. While it is important to set short- and long-term goals, there is no “finish line.” You will need to stay current with new trends, predict what customers will want, and provide a reliably excellent experience across all platforms.

OutPLEX can manage all of your Customer Relationship Management needs. Call 1.866.531.5773 or visit for a free quote.

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