Customer Experience (CX)

Customer experience (CX) encompasses all of the services a business provides to help customers. It also includes how customers feel about the experience the business gives them, including whether or not the business has successfully fulfilled their needs.

Delivering a customer experience includes both customer-facing and back-end services. Customer-facing services include:

  • Call center services: A call center is a place customer call to reach agents who can answer their questions
  • Call center add-ons: Conversational AI, associate assist, and other tech-based solutions can make your call center more accessible and efficient
  • Digital messaging: Text messaging, chatbots, and other forms of digital communication are often a customer’s first choice for interacting with a brand

Back-end services are the technologies and processes that customers don’t see, but that are critical to delivering a good customer experience:

  • Quality assurance (QA): These specialists monitor your customer interactions to make sure that both human agents and digital channels are working well
  • IT: A team of experts work to prevent technology breakdowns and resolve issues, maintaining and repairing software and hardware at a moment’s notice
  • Software design: The type of technology you use and how you use it can determine the success or failure of your customer experience, so AIs need to be properly programmed for helpful conversations and accessibility

The combination of solutions a business uses to provide CX will vary depending on the business’s size, industry, current needs, target demographics, short- and long-term goals, and more. You will want to provide an experience that is:

  • Convenient: All channels should be easy to access and easy to use
  • Efficient: Ideally, the customer should only need to contact you once to solve their problem
  • Cost-effective: You want a strategy that allows you to serve the maximum number of customers for the minimum amount of money
  • Fast: Especially with digital channels, it is important to keep customer interactions easy and fast
  • Enjoyable: Customers are more likely to enjoy their experience if you can choose channels and if they are programmed with friendly, welcoming responses
  • Personalized: By tailoring CX to each customer, you make them feel respected and appreciated

OutPLEX offers all of the above services and more. We are an omnichannel vendor, meaning that brands only have to contract with us to provide customers with a complete, versatile, and seamless customer experience.

To learn more about how OutPLEX enables top-quality customer experiences, call 1.866.531.5773 or visit us online.

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