Customer Care

Customer care describes how well a brand attends to its customers’ needs. Offering best-in-class service across traditional and digital communication channels, and quickly addressing problems are two ways to improve customer care.

Call center services are considered a traditional communication channel. Brands improve customer care by:

  • Training call center agents to respond appropriately and efficiently to all customer inquiries
  • Using fresh technological solutions, such as associate assist and interactive voice response (IVR), to provide smooth service
  • Conduction quality assurance (QA) checks on how agents and technology are performing
  • Retraining agents and reprogramming technology as necessary

Digital channels like SMS texting, digital messaging, and chatbots are digital channels that are gaining in popularity. An optimized customer care process may require:

  • Picking the channels that are the most helpful
  • Designing friendly, empathetic conversations that reflect the brand’s mission and values
  • Programming each channel to deliver those conversations and to quickly send customers to another channel when appropriate

Before a brand can figure out how to care for its customers, the brand must properly understand those customers. An omnichannel vendor like OutPLEX provides that data for customer insights by:

  • Doing demographic research on your customer base
  • Monitoring all customer interactions to ensure the continual quality of service
  • Conducting follow-up surveys to check on customers’ feelings about your support services
  • Checking social media to see if and how customers are talking about your brand online
  • Collecting and collating data from all of these sources to identify trends you should know about
  • Suggesting ways you can correct unfavorable trends while capitalizing on favorable ones

When you are alerted to potential problems, such as if customers are not responding well to a particular message, you can fix them quickly before serious damage is done to your brand.

Customers want to feel appreciated and cared for when they do business with a brand. Customer retention and keeping customers from going to competitors require delivering an excellent customer experience. OutPLEX has all of the tools and services your brand needs to provide top-quality customer care, no matter the size of your business or your industry.

OutPLEX can help you take care of customers. Call us at 1.866.531.5773 or visit us online to learn more.

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