Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition encompasses the strategies and tactics that attract customers to a brand, and encourage them to make–and keep making–purchases. Customer acquisition activities may include:

  • Studying prospective customer demographics—for example, selecting an age range and figuring out which channels people in that range use the most
  • Providing customers with the type of support they need (e.g., programming their preferred channels to provide the answers they seek)
  • Make sure the customers’ preferred channels are easy to find and easy to use

Why is a choice of the channel so important? 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that allows them to ask questions via digital channels first, according to Conversocial State of CX Trends 2021. Furthermore, 53% of customers said they were “very likely” to become repeat customers of a brand that specifically uses digital messaging channels.

In today’s world, customer acquisition is inextricably linked with the variety and efficacy of your digital communication options. OutPLEX can provide your brand with all of the channels you need to attract customers, including:

  • Digital messaging
  • SMS text messaging
  • Chatbots
  • Email
  • Video chat
  • Call centers

No matter which combination of channels you use, customer acquisition is a team effort, requiring input from:

  • Call center agents, whose skill in dealing with first-time callers can make or break a sale
  • Software programmers and conversation designers, whose work makes digital channels friendlier and more welcoming to prospective customers
  • IT experts, who are responsible for monitoring digital channels and keeping them running efficiently
  • Quality assurance (QA) experts, who monitor all of your customer interactions and alert you to potential snags that could reduce customer acquisition rates
  • Business strategists, who come up with advertising campaigns and other acquisition-focused plans, and who may help dictate the kinds of messaging you use across channels

Brands may place more emphasis on customer acquisition at particular times, including peak growth seasons, and then switch focus to customer retention strategies to maintain predictability and stability.

Our team can work with you to determine when you should increase your focus on customer acquisition. We can also advise you on using customer support to successfully attract more customers to your brand.

Call OutPLEX at 1.866.531.5773 or visit us online to learn more about our customer acquisition services.

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