Conversational AI

Conversational AI (artificial intelligence) is a technology for engaging with customers through natural, fluent dialogue. Adding it to your other call center services will make your customer experience more intuitive and less stressful.

Conversational AI may be operated by several different kinds of software. Companies must evaluate their options to find those that best meet their needs and best integrate with existing systems. Additional steps to successful implementation include:

  • Researching the technological capabilities and the kinds of messaging callers want or need
  • Programming the software to speak in full sentences and encourage callers to interact with it as naturally as with a human agent
  • Installing and testing AI software so that it can go live without trouble
  • Monitoring call center interactions to ensure the quality of service and reacting quickly if something is amiss

Adding AI to a call center is nothing new. For years, customers have dialed a brand’s number only to be greeted by a stilted recorded voice asking them to “press 1 for X, press 2 for Y” to get the help they need. With advances in technology, this outdated and often frustrating approach has a strongly negative impact on the customer experience.

Clients of OutPLEX are on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and customer support technologies. We and our partners provide brands of all sizes with the latest conversational AI systems. Once the AI is properly programmed and installed, customers can expect an interaction that goes something like this:

  • The customer calls in
  • An interactive voice response (IVR) picks up immediately
  • The conversational AI greets the customer and asks what they need
  • The customer explains their problem in full sentences without having to push numbers, speak in specific sentence fragments, or wait for a call center agent
  • The AI plays a recording that is relevant to the customer’s issue, or when the situation calls for it, connects them with the first available live agent
  • Once the customer’s interaction is complete, the AI can ask that they participate in a short survey that ensures the customer is satisfied

Conversational AIs help keep call centers running smoothly by eliminating wait times and lightening the load for live agents. Business money and keep customer satisfaction rates higher.

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