Call Center CRM

CRM is short for customer relationship management. Call center CRM involves any task or process devoted to collecting, analyzing, and responding to data regarding a brand’s call center interactions with customers. Examples include:

  • Recording all interactions: You can measure how long each call takes, whether call center agents are responding appropriately and effectively and whether there is a particular point in the call center experience where customers are more likely to drop out.
  • Calculating the Average Handle Time (AHT): Measuring how long it takes, on average, to resolve a customer issue highlights outlier calls that are too long or too short, which could indicate a problem that needs your attention.
  • Conducting follow-up surveys: As soon as an interaction ends, you can invite the customer to give feedback through a brief survey. Responses help you figure out what they like and dislike about your call center experience.
  • Training call center agents: Because call center agents speak directly to your customers, it is important to train them properly, give them compassionate and helpful scripts, and provide the tools they need to be most helpful to customers.

Call center CRM is vital to making you aware of how well your call center is doing when certain goals are met or missed, or if a particular aspect of the call center experience is not working. You can:

  • Find out right away when there is a problem, and sometimes even predict a problem before it occurs
  • Act fast to fix things customers do not like
  • Collect information necessary to make informed decisions about future campaigns and strategies
  • Determine when switching to new software, retraining call center agents, and other improvements are needed

OutPLEX offers both basic call center services, such as call center agents and an automatic call distributor (ACD), as well as call center CRM. When you contract with us, you put the responsibility for CRM tasks with us, freeing:

  • More time and resources to focus on your core business operations
  • More efficient call center services
  • Faster response times to customer or technological issues
  • Access to experts who can analyze your call center experience and help you come up with a strategy for improving the metrics that are most important to you

To get a free quote from OutPLEX, call us today at 1.866.531.5773 or visit us online.

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