Call Center Associate/Call Center Agent

A call center associate or call center agent is someone who assists customers who contact a business’s call center. The agent is trained to understand your industry, needs, values, and goals, and to respond accordingly to each customer’s needs.

Call center agents have training to respond to customer queries such as:

  • Technical problems with a product or service
  • Special sales or offers
  • Product or service availability
  • Delayed or misplaced orders
  • Making, breaking, and rescheduling appointments

Answering simple questions about business hours or locations may be more efficiently handled by digital channels or automated messaging. Live agent time is better spent helping customers with complex questions that artificial intelligence (AI) cannot effectively address. Call center agents can help:

  • Express empathy with frustrated customers
  • Provide a vital service to customers who don’t have access to digital solutions
  • Encourage customers to increase their orders or buy more often
  • Persuade customers who are thinking of leaving to give your brand a second chance
  • Represent your brand in its best light

Call center agents having direct interactions with customers must be carefully selected to represent your brand. OutPLEX can help you select the right call center associates based on:

  • Agent location: We have call centers in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and work-from-home agents around the world
  • Agent experience or skill set: We can find call center agents with the experience and skills to speak intelligently about topics that matter to you and your customers.
  • Your current or projected needs: We can help you come up with a list of agent qualifications based on the goals you want to meet

We train and retrain associates if your needs shift over time.

A call center agent’s performance can be improved with automated solutions, such as an associate assist, which gives agents customer information while on calls, or an automatic call distributor (ACD), which keeps track of which agents are available and connects free agents with customers in a smooth, timely manner.

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