Automation refers to systems that can operate without direct human interference. In the customer service and communication industries, automation is used to respond to customer inquiries and lighten the load for human customer service agents.

Automation can improve the function of automated digital channels and traditional call centers. Benefits include:

  • Faster service
  • Constant availability
  • Lower costs
  • Greater customer capacity

Digital channels are especially popular with customers, thanks to automation. The following scenarios demonstrate the variety available and the value they offer.

  • A customer wanting to know when their package will arrive can connect through Facebook Messenger, even when your business is closed, and find out through an automated system that checks and responds immediately
  • For a patient with a doctor’s appointment, an automated SMS text messaging system can send an appointment reminder
  • A customer with trouble finding information about upcoming flights on your website can ask a chatbot for assistance that responds to keywords and presents the customer with responsive information

Automated services like interactive voice response (IVR), conversational AI, and associate assist can improve the call center customer experience by:

  • Guiding customers through the call in the most efficient way possible
  • Exhibiting human-like conversational skills so customers can engage with the automated system just like they would with a person
  • Playing pre-recorded messages that respond to the customer’s needs and reduce the workload for live agents
  • Providing live agents with critical information about each customer
  • Recording each interaction for quality assurance purposes
  • Analyzing and collating data from interactions, including Average Handle Time, to help you evaluate call center efficiency

Automated systems require human input only when first being programmed and installed or when they need updating or fixing. Omnichannel support experts can help in these case with experts such as:

  • Software analysts, designers, and engineers
  • Conversation designers
  • Quality assurance experts

Automated systems can be more or less complex, depending on your needs, but they should always feel seamless and effortless to customers. OutPLEX helps you provide a flawless customer experience through automation.

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