OutPLEX Partnership with Speakeasy AI

Predict and solve customer needs with digital and voice communication solutions powered by Speakeasy AI.

Predict and solve customer needs with AI technology! 

Bring the quality of human agent interaction to your existing automated customer support solution with voice AI. Speakeasy AI’s patented Speech-to-Intent™ technology is able to predict and resolve  your customers’ needs in context, providing a seamless, fast customer experience they will love. With Speakeasy AI and OutPLEX, any business can reduce costs and scale service, while offering world-class, personalized customer support that adapts over time.


AI-powered interactive voice response, also referred to as Conversational AI for IVR, is a key component of an efficient, effective call center. Revolutionize your call center experience by:

  • Making it faster and easier for customers to connect with the most helpful available resource
  • Enabling IVR to understand what the customer wants on the first try
  • Allowing Speakeasy AI to perform maintenance and update the IVR system as necessary

Self-Service Communication

More and more customers are comfortable with the idea of self-service support. Chatbots, digital messaging, and other forms of digital communication allow customers to direct their own experience. Speakeasy AI has the technology to optimize your business’s self-service options by:

  • Integrating all of your digital solutions to ensure uniform messaging and ease of switching between channels
  • Programming each channel to accurately respond to an array of common, simple queries
  • Maintaining and updating each channel as necessary


Speakeasy AI has the tools and the expertise to design solutions specifically for your business. They can:

  • Meet with you to discuss and prioritize your business’s current capabilities, KPIs, and goals
  • Propose the solution or combination of solutions best suited to your objectives
  • Develop the technology you need to provide customers with the right experience

AI-Driven Research

It is important to identify your customers’ needs before implementing new solutions, AI-based or otherwise. Speakeasy AI can use digital research methods to:

  • Determine where in the CX process customers experience difficulties
  • Identify the most common problems experienced by customers
  • Suggest targeted solutions that will increase your systems’ efficiency

One way that Speakeasy AI can conduct this research is through Agent Assist. This innovative technology allows you to:

  • Record customer/agent interactions to ensure quality control and to help agents improve their performance
  • Integrate client-facing and back-end systems for a better overall experience
  • Provide agents with the information they need, when they need it
  • Simplify agent training

Faster, Smoother CXaaS

The solutions offered by Speakeasy AI allow your business to serve more customers more efficiently than ever before. This enables you to meet KPIs relating to:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention
  • Profit margins
  • Budgetary constraints
  • Sales goals
  • Customer onboarding
  • System capacity

Why Automation Matters

While call centers and other traditional communication methods still have their place in modern customer service strategies, AI-driven and automated communication are increasingly vital. Your customers:

  • Expect the fastest, most effortless possible service
  • Want their problems successfully addressed on the first try
  • Appreciate the convenience of being able to interact with you from home
  • Enjoy being empowered to find their own solutions

Speakeasy AI and OutPLEX are proud to be at the forefront of the automated CX revolution. Our partnership grants clients access to unique yet interlocking communication solutions that enable them to meet goals faster, anticipate greater ROI, and provide customers with the best CX possible. Click below to get started by requesting to learn more.

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