OutPLEX Partnership with Quiq

Combine conversational AI and human engagement experts to increase efficiency, drive revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Unlock the power of conversations!

Quiq is a leading conversational AI platform that drives two-way conversations between enterprise-level brands and their customers across the most popular and common messaging channels. Quiq is the future of business-to-consumer messaging; it’s the wingman every brand, contact center, and CX’er needs.

  • Quiq is an end-to-end business messaging solution. Quiq is much more than a chatbot or contact center software provider. Quiq’s technology includes those things, but what differentiates Quiq is that they are a holistic solution that brings messaging channels together in one agent UI to meet every customers’ specific needs. From commerce and sales help on a website to drive revenue, to reducing call volume by setting up automated responses to repetitive questions, the breadth and depth of Quiq’s technology enables brands to drive and deliver value.
  • Conversational AI expertise that influences business results. Quiq’s state-of-the-art Conversational AI Platform enables agents to manage conversations with customers in the most efficient way possible. With automation working for agents, they’re freed up to focus on resolving higher-value customer needs.
  • Seamlessly transition between bots and human agents to provide best-in-class customer experiences. Quiq’s conversational AI software helps cut down inbound call volume by creating automated responses to FAQs—but it also hands conversations from bots to agents smoothly, at the right moments in time, or when customers simply want to talk to a person.

End-to-end managed services

With a Quiq & OutPLEX partnership, enterprise brands will gain end-to-end managed services for their digital messaging and chatbot channels. This includes best-in-class technology (Quiq) coupled with engagement experts (OutPLEX) and an industry-leading messaging and automation practice. Together, Quiq and OutPLEX drive CX-led outcomes with a price-per-interaction for both automated and human-assisted messages, with incentives to grow automation and reduce operational cost. Digital messaging will become your customers’ preferred channel of communication.

Quiq is a Valued OutPLEX Partner

OutPLEX is proud to partner with Quiq to bring clients the most advanced, innovative communication solutions on the market. Our combined experience, insights, and dedication offer exponentially greater benefits to clients for a fraction of what our competitors charge.

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