OutPLEX Announces 3 New Clients

OutPLEX announced that it has added three diverse clients to its portfolio as of February 2019. These newest OutPLEX clients include a B2B marketing company, an international luxury retail goods company, and a full-service fintech company.

“We are pleased to announce that OutPLEX brought on three new clients last month,” revealed OutPLEX CEO, Jim Ryan. “We will bring these firms the stellar, omnichannel engagement and digital experiences for which OutPLEX is best known.”

The specific details about these clients are:

  • A top performing B2B marketing company that provides business strategies to its clients while also increasing its clients’ internet visibility. OutPLEX will provide outbound sales, as well as appointment setting support.
  • An international luxury retail goods company. OutPLEX will provide customer support via both inbound call centerservices and email.
  • A renowned, rapidly expanding full-service financial technology application company. OutPLEX will provide this firm with inbound customer support services by both live chat and telephone.

The recently re-branded OutPLEX connects clients to new digital experiences that support multifaceted customer engagements. In fact, OutPLEX has served global brands for about two decades. In addition to its three newest clients, OutPLEX clients include an international electronics company, a publicly traded telecommunications company, a human health maintenance organization, various government agencies in an array of industry sectors, Fortune 1000 companies, and various international retailers. OutPLEX clients hail from myriad industries, including education, energy, finance, healthcare, insurance, retail, and technology. The addition of these three new diverse clients enables OutPLEX to expand its expertise even further.

OutPLEX has kept up with the rapidly changing digital landscape, providing the best services to today’s omnichannel customer by consistently improving user experiences and communications channels. “Many of our clients are seeing an increase in customer satisfaction thanks to the multichannel options we offer. Today’s customer wants to have options,” said Mr. Ryan.

Today’s customer is also generally a multi-tasker working to fit in a lot of work in a short amount of time. The days when waiting on hold for a telephone operator or an answering machine are no longer relevant. Customers want immediate assistance and answers and do not want to wait.

Some of the services OutPLEX offers to its clients today include live chat, chat bot, sales support, appointment setting, and social media management; OutPLEX delivers these, as well as top-notch technical support, software development, and more. These solutions, coupled with OutPLEX’s expertise have helped countless clients increase their return on investment (ROI). Also, as part of its social media management services, OutPLEX offers social media monitoring and reputation management services, which improve client brands at a reduced cost.

OutPLEX, is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with domestic and international operations, specifically with nearshore facilities located in the Dominican Republic, as well as work-at-home professionals. OutPLEX has been supporting global brands since 2000.

Why You Should Outsource Nearshore

Outsourcing Nearshore

Cost was the main factor when, in the mid-1990s, globalization reached the call center industry. As with many decisions made in business, money was an important factor. Companies that had been reluctant to work with offshore businesses were finding the price point attractive.

Although the price was right, businesses did not take into consideration the issues now being seen with offshoring. Offshore call centers are typically located in countries such as the Philippines or India. These offshore call centers are located in different time zones, making travel and communications very challenging. Language barriers are also commonplace, frustrating consumers. These factors cause a serious drop in quality. Although less expensive, offshoring is not worth the loss of quality and customer satisfaction.

Nearshore operations allow business to be conducted in a complimentary language and culture, as well as in comparable time zones.

Nearshore Provides Quality at the Right Price

At OutPLEX, we boast a nearshore location in the Dominican Republic. This location, along with our onshore site allows for redundancy should an outage occur. Our nearshore location also provides bilingual (English-Spanish) agents and lower rates compared to onshore locations.

In operating both onshore and nearshore, OutPLEX is able to offer unparalleled quality, comparable time zones to the U.S., and lower costs for services.

OutPLEX: Nearshore Call Center Experts

The OutPLEX brand is respected for being a customer-focused, experience-based call center services provider. OutPLEX offers innovative solutions and highly skilled bilingual agents at a significant cost savings. OutPLEX gives the best service to client brands and nurtures each and every engagement. We manage complex customer engagements in a changing global world, ensuring quality at every step of the way.

To see how much our nearshore location could save you, contact us to get a free quote.