International Business Process Outsourcing Company, Talk2Rep, Inc., Rebrands As OutPLEX.

OutPLEX is the result of the successful re-branding of Talk2Rep. OutPLEX reflects today’s rapidly changing digital and omnichannel customer.

Omnichannel strategically improves user experiences by ensuring improved communication channels, and the resources that bind these hubs. “The idea of talking with customer via a call center, such as what we have successfully perfected with Talk2Rep, is no longer as prevalent. The ability to connect based on customer preference ushers in a new digital world that promotes an optimum customer experience,” Jim Ryan, CEO and founder notes, “and this will be evident in OutPLEX.”

Founded by serial entrepreneur, Jim Ryan, Talk2Rep has successfully served global brands for nearly two decades. Some of the varied brands the company services include an international electronics company, a publicly traded telecommunications company, a human health maintenance organization, as well as multiple international retailers.

“We are rebranding to OutPLEX to reflect omnichannel engagement and digital experiences,” explains Mr. Ryan. “Historically, Talk2Rep has been at the forefront of developing innovative customer contact platforms that outperform competitors in internal call center operations. Re-branding as OutPLEX now connects clients to new digital experiences that support more complex customer engagements.”

Today, companies and brands are seeking to adopt and engage channels. OutPLEX creates platforms populated with highly skilled representatives coupled with artificial intelligence (AI), bots/chat bots, and SMS technology. “OutPLEX is a key, successful example of the new age of technology complementing the human conversation engagement we have perfected,” says Mr. Ryan. OutPLEX utilizes social media, offers stellar technical support, and is based with a strong back office infrastructure. Global brands turn to OutPLEX for complex outsourcing and higher ROI.

Talk2Rep has always captured the voice of the customer. The challenge has been defining omnichannel connections in a new digital world. OutPLEX is the innovative solution to that challenge.

OutPLEX is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with domestic and international operations, as well as work at home professionals supporting global brands since 2000.

As WAH Customer Service Flourishes, Agent Professionalism on the Rise.

Creating WAH Opportunities

Jim Ryan, CEO of OutPLEX, a company that hires work-at-home representatives to fill customer support needs, agrees that the WAH field is becoming specialized, as well as more professional.

“Early WAH adopters took advantage of the vast talent pool of candidates sourcing basic skills resulting in mediocre service however meeting the distributed workforce model.  In more recent years, there has been a great deal of focus placed on quality indicators such as Net Promoter Scores measuring customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend.  As a result, WAHA deployments have placed greater emphasis on funneling WAHAs through a battery of skills based testing filtering the highest quality agents.  Many big box retailers, financial institutions and even healthcare organizations have found the WAHA model can exceed their key performance metrics for customer service,” Ryan told Customer Experience Report.

Although work-at-home agents have historically been used to handle overflow calls, such as when a cable provider announces sign-up for fall football coverage, the home agents are also filling empty seats at some call centers.

“As the economy grows, there will be increased contact center staff churn as agents seek higher paying opportunities elsewhere. Commuting and congestion will also increase. Both factors shrink the available labor markets. Staff churn is typically lower for work at home than in bricks-and-mortar centers,” Read says. Many people with specialized knowledge “would never consider working in a contact center and/or they live outside of commuting distance of one,” adds the analyst.

Adding work-at-home employees to the contact center is a win-win opportunity, according to the Frost & Sullivan expert. Ryan calls specialized work-at-home agents “motivated” to stay on the job. “Attrition for the work at home labor force is lower by as much as 60% annualized resulting in greater skills and better service passed onto our clients customers,” he says.

Along with changes in the agents, customer contact centers are also adapting to a new environment which encourages work-at-home, according to the experts. The first change is a move away from a so-called ‘hub-and-spoke’ system.

Attrition for the work at home labor force is lower by as much as 60% – Ryan

“We are also seeing contact centers migrate from a hub-and-spoke model, where the agents live within commuting or easy travel distance of a center for training and meetings, or taking calls,  to a virtual model where work at home agents live anywhere where there is excellent broadband access. The virtual model reduces facilities costs (no need to accommodate visiting workers) and it greatly enlarges the labor pool,” according to Read.

The most common reason for companies to use work-at-home agents is to ensure there is always an agent available, according to Ryan.

“Most clients turn to a work at home (WAH) solution for a variety of reasons including the ability to have a on demand distributed workforce available to take calls, chats etc. in a 24/7/365 environment. The ability to distribute these customer interactions across the cloud also provides redundancy for disaster should a situation occur that impacts a facility in a local geographic area. Lastly, and I think more importantly, clients tap into a larger talent pool of skilled representatives that are motivated to retain these work from home jobs,” Ryan explained.

There remain what Read terms “stumbling blocks” to greater adoption of work at home. “Admittedly, work at home adoption has been slower than many thought would happen. One stumbling block is that managers (and in some cases, outsourcer clients) have had to be weaned away from having to ‘see’ workers in order to ensure their productivity.”


Social Enterprise Partners with Major Call Center Player and Business.

4Sight360 powered by OutPLEX, is the name given to this unique partnership. Today’s agreement will increase the capacity of Lighthouse Works’ call center operation and in turn create more jobs for individuals who are visually impaired including those who are blind.

“Individuals who are visually impaired make up a group that has traditionally experienced one of the highest rates of unemployment and underemployment among other disability groups,” said Lee Nasehi, President & CEO of Lighthouse Central Florida. “At Lighthouse, our mission is to help individuals, at any stage in their lives, chart a course for living, learning and earning with vision loss. The 4Sight360 partnership exemplifies an exciting opportunity for our workers, who are visually impaired, to earn in meaningful employment.”

Lighthouse Works, first established in 2011, is the revenue generating arm of Lighthouse Central Florida, Central Florida’s only private, nonprofit agency offering a complete range of services to people in our community living with sight impairment.

Lighthouse Works utilizes small business lines to fund and move forward the Lighthouse mission.  As a subsidiary of Lighthouse, Lighthouse Works seeks to position itself as the region’s premiere provider of call center, sourcing solution and fulfillment services for commercial companies and publicly funded agencies.

Call center agents employed by Lighthouse Works currently provide support services to the healthcare, hospitality, financial investment and environmental services industries. This support includes: appointment setting, customer service and support, quality assurance and call monitoring.  Additionally, the company’s sourcing solutions and fulfillment division has been awarded several million dollars in government funded contracts.

The agreement with OutPLEX offers a distributed, scalable solution on OutPLEX’s innovative technology platform.  4Sight360 agents, both sighted and visually impaired, will be able to enhance the experience of their clients’ customers by offering a seamless omni-channel approach that includes inbound call handling, live chat, email and social media management—all essential customer service tools in a digital age.

Special assistive and adaptive technology, like screen readers and text magnification software, has been integrated onto the 4Sight360 platform to better accommodate customer care agents who are visually impaired.

“Social responsibility has always been a corporate mandate at OutPLEX and 4Sight360 is a wonderful opportunity to simplify the process of onboarding a socially responsible BPO model,” said Jim Ryan, CEO of OutPLEX.  “The 4Sight360 platform delivers superior customer interactions utilizing both visually impaired and sighted agents to service customers. ‘Powered by OutPLEX’ means we hire, train and operationalize contact center deployments.  I’m so excited about this partnership, because it merges the core competencies of our two organizations to service clients with a reliable BPO channel, it fulfills a socially responsible mandate and empowers individuals who are visually impaired,” added Ryan.


Lighthouse Works! is a social enterprise non-profit, which means its businesses exist to forward and fund our mission of living, learning and earning with vision loss. Through our wide range of businesses, we are able to provide job training, employment and career opportunities for the advancement of people who are visually impaired. Lighthouse Works! operates as a subsidiary of Lighthouse Central Florida—Central Florida’s only private, non-profit agency offering a comprehensive range of services to people living with sight impairment in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. Established in 1976, Lighthouse has served generations with comprehensive vision rehabilitation and employment services. Lighthouse Works! is affiliated with the National Industries for the Blind (NIB)—the nation’s largest employment resource for people who are blind. Additionally, Lighthouse Works! operates in partnership with the AbilityOne Program to secure quality product services to the federal government at fair market prices. To learn more, please visit:


Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, OutPLEX is a leading call center and contact management services provider with multiple US operations and an international footprint with near shore facilities in the Dominican Republic.  In 2005, OutPLEX launched a program for work at home representatives and became a pioneer in the contact center industry with a highly skilled distributed network of @home agents. For over 15 years, OutPLEX has serviced multiple government agencies and private industries in verticals such as Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Energy, Insurance, Technology, Travel, Telecommunications and more. OutPLEX is industry recognized as a top 50 PCI certified agency.  All OutPLEX representatives are background checked, tested and screened. OutPLEX has over 25,000 certified representatives with over 2,000 candidates applying monthly. To learn more, please visit:

OutPLEX has Earned PCI Compliance.

Earns PCI Compliance for its call centers, domestic, international and @home agents.

As we are a leading provider of outsourced call center and live chat service and sales, it has become increasingly important for us to protect the safety of our clients’ and their customers’ information, said OutPLEX CEO Jim Ryan.

OutPLEX maintains a robust network of call center operations both in the US and in the Dominican Republic. In addition, OutPLEX has agents working from their homes throughout the US. “We provide customer support, sales, ordering assistance and shipment tracking; nationally to a vast range of healthcare, financial and web-based businesses,” said Ryan. “As we are a leading provider of live chat and live voice website customer service, it has become increasingly important for us to protect the safety of our clients’ and their customers’ information.” Regulated by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council, the PCI Data Security Standard is a set of comprehensive requirements for payment account data security, including security management, network architecture, procedures and policies, and other protective measures. Many card issuers, banks, and credit card processing companies require compliance as a condition for accepting credit cards. By attaining this certification, OutPLEX has joined an elite group of outsource call center and live chat service providers dedicated to the implementation of industry-leading data security technology. Ryan added, “Now that we have become PCI compliant, our clients can feel confident that their customer data is secure.”

About OutPLEX Inc.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, OutPLEX is a leading call center and contact management services provider. Formed by former AT&T Call Center executives, OutPLEX offers fully integrated high quality contact management services for government agencies and multiple vertical industries such as a Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Insurance, Technology, Travel and Telecommunications. OutPLEX provides services to some of the largest companies in the world with inbound and outbound telemarketing and customer services, data collection and market research.

OutPLEX CEO shares Insight on the Efficiencies and Effectiveness of At-Home Agents.

Creating Opportunities.

“We originally started developing a stronger infrastructure and a reliable business model and platform,” says OutPLEX CEO Jim Ryan, whose company has been using home agents for the last seven and a half years across 22 states in the US to respond to this demand. “Everything from hiring staff, training, operations, technology to building an entire platform revolving around our home agents.”

Ryan says his company is inundated with applicants which means they can afford to be choosy. “Today we receive between 2000 to 5000 resumes per month from people across the US looking for job opportunities.” OutPLEX has a rigorous process for selecting potential home workers to make sure they hire professionals.

“We have a critical battery of tests that we have these agents go through in order for them to onboard themselves when they talk as rep agents. Because we have such a huge volume of applicants we’re able to narrow down to what we really feel is the best.” Candidates’ typing, desktop capabilities, IT knowledge and personality are all looked at in order to find the perfect match for clients’ needs.

For more information on OutPLEX and the services it provides, please contact us at: 866-856-2737 x1

OutPLEX opens World Class Contact Center in the Dominican Republic.

OutPLEX officially opened a new contact center in the Dominican Republic, CEO Jim Ryan states “We have been monitoring closely an offshore exodus away from India and the Philippines due to poor quality and customer experience and have reached out to a highly educated English speaking population in the Dominican Republic as a Nearshore provider of call center and Live Chat services for our clients”. Less than 100 miles from our corporate offices in South Florida, OutPLEX now has a menu of contact center platforms including US call centers, @Home Agents and now Nearshore services. OutPLEX specializes in teleservices, live chat and social media management.

OutPLEX has serviced clients for over 10 years in Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Telecommunications, Energy and Education with teleservices and live chat services. “We are currently hiring and training for a large telecommunications and Retail company. The government and people have welcomed OutPLEX Nearshore and we expect to have around 500 call center and live chat agents by end of 2013 servicing the most recognized brands.  Many of our clients have been with us for 7-10 years. Our new Nearshore location adds a high quality lower cost model allowing us to expand into new markets” said Ryan.

About OutPLEX

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida . OutPLEX is a leading call center and contact management services provider. Formed by former AT&T Call Center executives, OutPLEX offers fully integrated high quality contact management services for government agencies and multiple vertical industries such as a Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Insurance, Technology, Travel and Telecommunications. OutPLEX provides services to some of the largest companies in the world with inbound and outbound telemarketing and customer services, data collection and market research. To learn more about how OutPLEX can help your business visit